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Appreciation of Shuangou global swimming pool project

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The power of brands

Brand story and business philosophy

01. "When I was studying in the United States, I went to the gym to swim every day. I felt very comfortable. After returning home, I still insist on swimming, but the swimming pool is full of people in the midsummer. People can only stand in the water, or learn to move like sardine in the crowd. I think, with the development of our country's economy getting better and better, people's requirements for the quality of life and physical exercise are higher and higher. The number of swimming pools in China must be multiplied. In order to meet the national needs of swimming fitness exercise

02. "In the past, swimming pool tiles, as a very small and professional variety, have always been regarded as mysterious products in the top engineering procurement products of the pyramid. The price has gone up one layer after another. The cost of building a swimming pool is very high, from the pool equipment to the pool tiles, the price is amazing. We make swimming pool tiles and swimming pool mosaics to make such products break through the barrier protection of the project, step down from the altar, and do professional things at the price of ordinary people, so that ordinary people can afford to use them. "

The power of the factory

We have 15 years of experience in ceramic and mosaic ceramic tile manufacturing

Shuangou has a number of large factories, mainly producing pool mosaics, swimming pool special tiles, home decoration mosaic, antique tiles, exterior wall tiles covering more than 50000 square meters of production base, with a daily production capacity of 20000 square meters of mosaic and swimming pool bricks, advanced ceramic tile production line, standardized production, providing sufficient "ammunition" for front-end sales.

The power of design

We have 15 years of experience in ceramic and mosaic tile manufacturing

In a short period of ten years' development, Shuangou knows the importance of products, and the quality and application of products have always been our development direction. According to different decoration space and environment, we have developed a series of supporting products, and designed more reasonable product application solutions and solutions for different customer needs. If the product is the foundation and the factory is flesh and blood, then design is the soul. Shuangou is committed to being a flesh and blood soul

The power of storage

We have 15 years of experience in ceramic and mosaic tile manufacturing

There are two large warehouses in Fujian and Foshan, covering an area of 30000 square meters. There are 6 categories of ceramic tiles, thousands of spot products, and the largest stock volume of single product is more than 10000 square meters. The transportation advantages of the warehouse are as follows: product packaging, placing, classification, warehousing and outbound, goods and goods, people and goods are all in order. The product packaging is unified, with 5 layers of thickened cartons and wood Solid shockproof and professional packing of bracket

The power of the team

We have 15 years of experience in ceramic and mosaic tile manufacturing

Shuangou adopts the flat and fast horizontal development team mode, establishes efficient information exchange by the point-to-point link of the employee boss, operates the closed link from sales, design, documentary, quality inspection, after-sales to warehousing, and takes familiarity with trust, communication and cooperation, and goal consensus as the construction dimensions of team cohesion, so as to build team cohesion and ultimately achieve the value of promoting team productivity 。 Shuangou people are a group of lovely people. We advocate happiness, positivity, liveliness and creativity. We seek pleasure in work and create ourselves in fun.

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